July 28, 2010

Solution for Dandruff
 Nizoral - The Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

     Especially for Indian water and climate -  People who suffer from Dandruff use shampoos that are shown in TV commercials or go to doctors who will ask you to undergo tests and use other oils and creams, but here is your first step before you do so.

     I have also been suffering from Dandruff for a long time.  My uncle is a Doctor and when askem him, he told me to use Johnson's baby shampoo and not to use any other shampoos.  Also he suggested me to use Nizoral anti dandruff shampoo.  I just used Nizoral for 2 weeks as directed in the bottle and now I don't have dandruff at all.  Still I use Nizoral once in 2 weeks or so just to be safe.  Nowadays I use Johnson's baby shampoo and do see hairfall as well.  I recommend all of you with dandruff problem to use Nizoral.

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